Picking Your Mattress

Picking Your Mattress

Having a good night’s sleep relies on various factors- stress level, room temperature, comfort- but to have it right, you have got to begin with the basics, and your mattress is the initial building block to a peaceful slumber. If you are in the marketplace for a new mattress or have recently stopped at a mattress store, you are aware that there is a dizzying array to select from. Hard, soft, adjustable, pillow top, etc… I can’t tell you what the perfect mattress is for you, but here is a rundown of the different types of mattresses to help you with your selection:

1) Memory Foam:

You can find memory foam abundantly in mattresses and pillows today, but it was introduced by NASA back in the 1970s. Its initial purpose was to offer crash protection for pilots and passengers on airplanes and better seat cushioning and it is still used in that capacity nowadays.

2) Innerspring:

This is the most common and oldest design. They have come a long way since 1857 when they were established, and contemporary advancements make them more stable and comfortable then ever before. They use a steel coil support scheme to offer comfortability to the sleeper.

3) Hybrid:

Hybrid mattresses are an example of how the sleep industry has integrated the best of both worlds into one stable product. Many choices pair the classy memory foam expertise with an upgraded innerspring core to make a surface that provides excellent support, comfort and durability.

4) Latex:

Latex mattresses were first introduced in the 1930s and went mainstream to customers in the 1960s. Due to their extremely high production and material costs, latex mattresses were more costly than the rest, and ordinary people could not afford them.

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5) Adjustable Air Mattress:

These have long been used by outdoor fans to enhance the camping experience. Current inventions have brought air expertise into the bedroom, providing you with the choice to fill the autonomous air chambers to your preferred firmness offering and modifiable sleep experience.

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