Will America Continue to Represent FREEDOM?


Every generation, or two, society faces, events, and/or, circumstances, which are, by, how they are handled, and our responses, often, determine the fate of the nation, and society, both, today, and into the future! For nearly 250 years, the United States, has stood – for, and represents, freedom, justice, and FREEDOM, for – all, or, at least, many of us, feel it, that way! Whether, we believe, and appreciate this concept, or agree with its lyrics, Freedom is just another name, for nothing, gone, lost, many seem to care, by how much about today's events, actions, and political statements, as well as the direction of the Court, and the real systemic racism, witnessed, in many aspects, of our daily lives. Will America continue to defend these principles, and represent, what is best, about this nation, or will we continue to see it weakened, etc.? Therefore, this article will try to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, use a mnemonic approach, what it means, and represent, and why it matters.

1. The future; fear; fighting – for – right; facts; free: Well, we demand, our leaders, move on, in a relevant, sustainable way, and protect future generations, etc., or, our worst fears, may become, a bad reality! Aren't public officials, prioritizing, fighting, for what's right, and giving us, real facts, to recognize their reasons, etc., or we're going to have an unwanted future! This means greatly protecting freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and equal justice, for all!

2. Relevant; responsive/responsible; realistic; rights: Slogans, such as, Make America Great Again, often, are irrelevant, because, they draw a beautiful image of the past, and should be, better times! Rather than serving their personal/political agendas, and/or, personal interests, wouldn't we be much better off, with responsive, responsible, and perperception actions and perceptions! We cannot ignore reality, and must, realistically, enough, to protect, all our rights, instead of, just, being selective!

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3. Empathy; emphasis: A great leader effectively listens to, and learns, from every conversation and experience, and continues with sincere empathy! This should lead to where to put the maximum emphasis!

4. Enrich; excellence; equivalent: The only way, any public official, can enrich us, consistently, is to demand the highest level of personal excellence! We must demand, absolute obedience, on core principles, from, everyone, created equal!

5. Dig deeper; convey: We must demand these leaders, transcend populists, come to the surface, and dig deeper, into the best path, forward! We cannot accept, promise, but, apply pressure, on them, to deliver!

6. Options; open mind; opportunities; opinions/facts: Refuse to accept, equally, equally – old, but, demands, commitment to consider, various options, and alternatives, with an open mind! Transform opportunities, into well-considered, feasible actions, and don't accept a person's representation, their opinion, as the equivalent of fact!

7. Mark; motivation; Things: Observe, how elected officials are, make his mark, and whether, he inspires and motivates others, toward, the common good, and well-considered meeting of minds! Watch out, this is very important!

Wake up, America, and protect, the sustainability of the FREEDOM of this nation! Without this, the United States, will be lost, its soul!


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