How many times, do you, or someone, you know, declare, they won’t bother, to vote, because, they’re all the same, it won’t make any difference, their votes don’t count, etc.? Although, in many cases, there are no perfect/ideal candidates, there are often significant differences between them! Who, believes, that if the 2016 results of the Presidential election were, differently, America would not advance, differently, in many key areas, including: The Progress of Climate Change (not denial, and avoidance/delay) ; environmental protection; visible systemic racism – flourishing; composition of the Supreme Court, and the lower Federal Court, etc.? The upcoming election, presents, two people, who, though, both at 70, seem to have much different agendas and priorities. Joe Biden, is, isn’t it, Donald Trump, and, vice versa! In many ways, and regarding so many problems, the future, and direction, this nation is, potentially, at risk, dependent on results. With that in mind, this article will try to, briefly, consider, review, review, and discuss, 6 important ways, these two candidates are different.

1. No one is above the law: How often, in the last 4 years, this President seems, either, to believe, he is (or acts, as it were, he is not), above – the law! Constitutional experts declare, our Founding Fathers, fearful of this, and do not want, a new nation, living under a King, and, thus, creating, three branches of equal government! We have seen, through talks, and deeds, Trump, seemingly ignoring, these principles, such as how, he transfers, goals, allocated funds, for other purposes (such as, for, the Southern Wall), etc! It’s not normal, it’s also unhealthy!

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2. Message tone: This election, we can choose, in between, polarizing messages, and I – first, attitude/behavior, versus individuals who are much, much more, empathesed! Regardless of, from, which candidate, who is liked, and liked, 2 people, rarely, very, differently!

3. Knowledge/expertise: Though, President Trump, declaring that he, a steady genius, to many, clearly offers him results, based on his instincts, rather than listening to the experts! We’ve seen this, in terms of the handling of this terrible pandemic, foreign policy (negotiations, trade policy, etc.), and domestic issues. There is little doubt, Joe Biden, will govern, in a much different way!

4. Civil Rights/Human Rights: We seem to observe a period, with more civil rights – disputes, than we have, in, more than half a century! Meanwhile, Trump, denying the existence of systemic racism, Biden, not only acknowledges, but seems, aware of, this President, has added – on, negativity, and polarization, in that field, by name, and pitting one segment of America against another! In terms of human rights, his message, Trump articulates, often insultingly, minorities, and other ethnicities, etc. How does that help?

5. Public health: How to handle a pandemic, by the President, from the first time he learned (and, previously, when he was mostly, dismantling/minimized, pandemic boards), it might make things worse! Even, Trump’s claims, his performance, his great, public health experts, disagree! Because, the United States, having about 5% of the world’s population, average performance, would mean, we would, have the same percentage of cases, and similar deaths, but, we have roughly, 4 times, that number. Wake up, America, because, it’s the same as, more than 100,000 unnecessary fatalities, etc!

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6. Integrity: While, most politicians, stating some lies, false claims, and exaggerated statements, the claims of the political fact checker, this President, have lied, at an alarming pace, that seems to be increasing. Is there anything, really, believing, alternative, would be deficient, this level of genuine integrity?

Donald Trump, and Joe Biden, differ in many ways, some, minor, and, many, major/significant! Who we choose, in presidential elections, is very important, so, please, use your privileges, and rights, to vote!


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