Your life is a gift, a gift to be earned and cherished. Many people come out of their ordinary lives, when they can, to experience something or place that is different from their norm. As time passes, how can you establish so many unique experiences? Do you think your special experience is disconnected from your daily life?

Sundowner understands the need for context, and chooses this theme: All earthly life ends like the sun as if it ends every day when the sun is set in the west. He chose a place (setting) to watch the sunset at every turn. Enjoy the sunset alone, with interesting people or with someone special, with great food and drink, in exotic countries, in local outdoor restaurants, or from your backyard deck. Wherever you are, ever, or choose to be, the sun has or will set to mark the end of your day.

Notice how the atmosphere changes as orange and red color frame the blushing sunball, and especially if there are high clouds in the west. Have you heard the saying, "Red sky at night, the pleasure of sailors?" At sea, a working sailor works longer than 8 to 5 days, in part because the sea hits ships and boats to pieces, and the ship must be repaired, maintained, and upgraded regularly to remain seaworthy. Another reason: The job of filling up hours drifting on water while confined to a small space. With an exhausted crew at dinner, a good captain allows his sailors to enjoy the sunset (unless they are on guard).

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The science of the excitement of a red sunset is that reflecting sunlight removes dust high in the atmosphere, which means that high-pressure systems (calm air) can put sailors to sleep in their hammocks. Jesus commented on the sunset. Matthew 16 web search: 2-3.

I have seen a painting depicting the "Last Supper," in which Jesus celebrated the first day of the Jewish feast of Passover with 12 disciples in the city of Jerusalem. Some of the students who shared the last meal with him recorded what they saw and what he said. The painting showed a window in the second-floor room, but I found no picture of Jesus looking at the sunset as he ate with his disciples and told them surprising things about the future to come.

Sundowner would agree that it should be there, because the sunset marks the setting of the mortal life of the son of God. Jesus shared bread and wine with those who had followed him in his ministry, and He connected (providing context) to his delayed sacrifice for food so that they would remember what He had taught them when they began their own ministry in the coming days. There would be no Christianity and Jesus' sacrifice would be in vain for all of us if the surviving disciples of 11 did not remember the context of what was taught to them and led the creation of the Christian Church. . Jesus, as a man, went like a sunset in His crucifixion. Then, three days later, he defeated death to rise up and receive from God all authority over heaven and earth. Matthew 28 web browsing: 1 – 20.

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