Ignoring the Needs and Avoiding the Risks of Covid-19 Vaccine


The development of the warp speed of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine ignores the non-immunological anti-virus defense mechanism mediated by alternative cellular energy pathways (ACE). This pathway was identified in studies of stealth-adapted viruses. The virus undergoes removal or mutations in genes that encode relatively few viral components that are typically targeted by the cellular immune system. The Public Health Authority denied the existence of the virus because some of it came from viruses infecting monkeys used to make polio vaccines. A new feature of the silent adaptation process is that in addition to losing certain genes, there can also be a merging of genetic sequences from infected cells. This has allowed transmission to humans of the monkey's cellular genes.

Although the immune system is limited in its capacity to suppress secretly adapted viruses, this virus and possibly all viruses, can still be suppressed as long as infected cells have sufficient cell energy. Therefore, covid-19 symptom infection is an indication that a person's cells have insufficient cellular energy. Conversely, symptomatic infections can be prevented by increasing the cellular energy of those exposed to the virus. Arguably, this can be achieved by inhaling the repeated fog produced by inhaling nebulization water with a higher natural energy level called KLELEA, short for Kinetic Energy that limits electrostatic pull. Kelea's natural source of active water has been identified in Southern California. It can also be created using a number of simple procedures. The current investigative protocol is to inhale fog from 5 ml of active water, over a period of 5 minutes for 5 times a day for two days. The main result is the conversion of a PCR or positive antigen test before inhalation two days into a negative test after the investigation procedure. The secondary result is a self-reported assessment of the change in severity of symptoms. The study is listed on the identification ww.clinicaltrials.gov NCT 04490824.

Individuals infected with the secretly adapted virus are at particular risk of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. First, non-specific immune stimulation of vaccines can activate immune reactivity against some residual components in secretly adapted viruses. If the virus is in the central nervous system, the resulting inflammation can appear as multiple sclerosis or transverse myelitis, as has been reported using the AstraZeneca vaccine. Second, secretly adapted viruses can join and become carriers of foreign genes. If viruses adapt a previously existing stealth to include the Covid vaccine – 19 spike antigen-coding DNA or RNA sequences, they could easily interfere with the body's angiotensin-mediated regulatory system. It is highly unlikely that these considerations are handled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or vaccine manufacturers. Indeed, as mentioned above, the FDA, and even the National Institutes of Health (NIH), have even refused to acknowledge the existence of stealth adaptation viruses derived from monkeys despite excessive DNA sequence data on these viruses.

For diseases that cause symptoms in only a small fraction of those infected, it is not appropriate to vaccinate everyone. What makes more sense is having the means to reduce the susceptibility of those who would otherwise develop symptomatic diseases. In addition to direct inhalation of KELEA active water, the benefit seems to occur from the simple use of small bags containing active water. Active water can also be used to moisturize enclosed living spaces. This approach is facilitated by finding naturally activated water sources.


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